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Payment Plans Available: Don't let affordability get in the way of obtaining quality mental health care. Mosaic Mental Health offers flexible payment options such as installment plans and other billing solutions to make care more affordable and accessible.
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Psychology Patient

Initial Evaluation

90 minutes 

Initial Evaluation:  During your initial evaluation, we will do a detailed review of your past mental health history and treatments (if any), review medical issues as this may impact treatment, and discuss your mental health concerns and goals for treatment. we treat a variety of conditions including mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, sleep, and thought disorders. Psychotropic medication will also be prescribed if indicated at this time.

Family at a Beach

Follow Up Visits

30 Minutes 

Follow Up appointment:  During your follow up appointments we will discuss your response to any medications prescribed, side effects (if any), make medication changes or adjustments, order refills as needed and provide supportive therapy.

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