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Empowering Wellness: Our Comprehensive Range of Dedicated Services.

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Therapy Session

Initial Evaluations

During your initial evaluation, we will do a detailed review of your past mental health history and treatments (if any), review medical issues as this may impact treatment, and discuss your mental health concerns and goals for treatment.
Psychotropic medication will also be prescribed if indicated, at this time.

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Follow-up visits

During your follow-up appointments, we will discuss your response to any medications prescribed, address side effects (if any), make medication changes or adjustments as needed, and provide supportive therapy. Referrals to therapists and other providers and specialists will be advised as indicated.

Your well-being is our ultimate concern. We are proud to provide patients in Texas, Colorado, Washington State, Michigan, New Mexico and Iowa, with a wide range of psychiatric and mental health services to suit their needs. We offer telepsychiatry for patient convenience and those patients with safety concerns. 

We treat a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to: Mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, sleep, and thought disorders. We also offer wellness services such as weight loss aids like GLP-1 treatments, Low-T as well as other hormone replacement therapies, Opioid Use Disorderand more! We are able to provide services to patients ages 6 and up. Now offering same-day appointments; contact us for more information!

We are a fully electronic practice! For your convenience, all registration, consents, signatures, insurance, and payment information will be submitted and maintained electronically via our secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic health record. 

Unable to make it in person? No problem! Telepsychiatry is provided via one of our secure HIPAA-compliant platforms.

For added convenience and easy communication, we use the Spruce Health app to enable clients to stay in touch and securely contact the provider and staff via phone, email, and text messages.

NEW!  Interested in herbal supplements to augment your treatment? Or do you prefer supplements only and want high quality, professional-grade options preferred by our healthcare providers? Click here to learn, browse and order from our Fullscript site.

**Please inform your healthcare providers prior to starting any supplements if taking other medications**

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